your business

with the Power of Teja

Maximize Savings, Minimize Costs

Heavy duty and rugged Teja vehicles are suitable for various cargo applications.

Maximize Savings .

More Trips

More Trips

Long Duty Operations

Longer Life Cycle

Minimize Costs .


Low Maintenance

Highly Reliable

More Durable

Your dependable partner for assured success


  • Eco-friendly impact
  • BS VI compliant models


  • IOT Integration Possible*
  • Digitally connected*

Strong Body

  • Rugged workhorse
  • ICAT Approved models
  • Can do Multiple Trips with Good loading capacity

Suitable for
Various Terrain

  • Reliable Performance
  • Vibration-less Body
  • Suitable on Speedbrakers

Safety Assured

  • Good visibility in night
  • High Ground Clearance*
  • Fire Safety Protection

Comfort to Drivers

  • Easy Multiple Trips
  • Convenient Sitting Height
  • Easy Manoeuvrability
  • Less NVH

Use for Fleet Owners

Gain everyday, every km, through every vehicle under fleet operation.

  • Low Running Cost
  • Uninterrupted Runs
  • Quick Charging
  • Assured Delivery

Use by Retailers

Making deliveries for your ecommerce needs becomes lot more easier with the Teja.
  • Carry More, Earn More
  • Move Fast, Earn Fast
  • Safe Transport, Happy Client
  • Save More, Maximize Profit
  • Customize Applications as per Business Aspirations

Essential Suppliers

Move the essentials, Quick and Fresh. Make more trips, make more profits.

Suitable for :

  • Vegetable / Fruit Supplies
  • Groceries Supplies
  • Water / Milk Can Supplies
  • Stationary Materials Supplies

And much more…

Govt/Municipal Usage

Teja 3W can be customized for Municipality or Government use under waste disposal program of Swachh Bharat

  • Material Movement
  • Waste Disposal

Power of Technology for your convenience

Ingenious and customized solutions, tailor made for your B2B needs, the Teja 3 Wheelers is your perfect partner in your last mile need of material movement, product delivery or passenger transportation. Powering your business and enabling you to deliver on excellent customer satisfaction, the Teja 3 Wheelers will surely go a long way in taking your business upwards and onwards.